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About Us


We’re driven by a mission to enhance opportunities for healthy, nutritious food resources, community engagement events and to ignite hope in Denton and Collin Counties’ poorest residents. By investing in improving the lives of our neighbors, we are all richer by developing in lasting relationships, compassion and tolerance.  We will serve the communities of Collin and Denton counties in three key areas:


St. Arbor Community Garden  

Encompassing over 1.5 acres our start-up organic, community garden project is a collaborative effort with the Texas A&M AgriLife program through the Denton County Master Gardner Association, the Little Elm ISD Horticulture Program and the Little Elm Rotary.  We will grow organic fruits and vegetables, offer nutritional classes to focus on canning and preserving fruits and vegetables, so that they don’t perish as quickly in a produce bin once refrigerated. 

Farmer’s Market 


Offer residents the opportunity to purchase at low or no cost, fresh produce and learn at home gardening tips for container gardening.  We know that our current economic situation will not be resolved overnight and while we hope for a better tomorrow, we are doing something to give that hope a boost.

We’re committed to growing organic, healthy produce and fruit while inspiring a “spirit of hope and community” in everyone around us.

Some very sobering facts have compelled us to act!  There are startling Health and Nutrition Statistics that illustrate just how great the need actually is:


Adult diabetes rate

Denton County is 8.5% compared to 8.9%-Texas 

Adult obesity rate

Denton County-28.4% and 26.6%-Texas 


Low-income preschool obesity rate

Denton County-13.8% and 15.7% Texas  

Special Event Center

The Torii and Katrina Hunter Special Event Center – Helping Communities of Denton and Collin County, Changing Lives.

This nearly 8,000 SqFt community facility will be available for weddings, corporate events, family gatherings and private celebrations.

Educational and professional development seminars, workshops, ad life skills training will focus on building resources within Denton and Collin Counties for area residents

College Readiness, STEM Programs and tutoring will strengthen higher education and employment options for our youth.

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Senior Advocacy

Senior Affordable Housing


There is a dire shortage of elderly, affordable housing in the Town of Little Elm, Texas. According to the latest available U. S. Census Bureau data (2013-2017) from American Community Survey 5 -Year Estimates, many seniors particularly in Little Elm and some surrounding areas of Denton County, often have to choose between food and medical care due to limited income. 

The poverty rate among disabled males in Little Elm is 12.5% compared to 17.6% for the entire of Texas. The disability rate in Little Elm among poor males is 18.6% and among male residents not classified as poor it is  24.7% compared to 26.0% for the State of Texas. 


The poverty rate among disabled females in Little Elm is 18.8% compared to 21.9% in the State of Texas.  The disability rate in Little Elm among poor females is 20.9% 


Further, the amount paid for rental housing among poor residents was 48.3%, compared to 14.4% among residents with income above the poverty level.


Rental rates in Little Elm among all poor residents below poverty level is a whopping 48.3% of total income. 


Poor females in the 65-74 age bracket, and those 75 years and over are the most vulnerable and unable to find affordable, elderly  housing.

An already dire situation is only going to get worse without comprehensive, sustainable land use and development for more affordable senior housing options, better nutritional options and community engagement for our senior population.


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