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Community Garden


Encompassing over ½ acre our start-up organic, community garden project is a collaborative effort with the Texas A&M AgriLife program through the Denton County Master Gardner Association, the Little Elm ISD Horticulture Program and the Little Elm Rotary.  We will grow organic fruits and vegetables, offer nutritional classes that focuses on canning and preserving fruits and vegetables, so that they don’t perish as quickly in a produce bin once refrigerated.


Outreach Programs


Each fall beginning in late September,  the St. Arbor Community Garden will host a Family Day at our Farmer’s Market.  Needy families may participate in harvesting activities, attend canning classes and food demonstrations.  Each activity is designed to foster knowledge about the importance of making healthy food choices, especially for young children and teens.  Additionally, special dietary tips for seniors and those with special dietary requirements like diabetes are addressed.  Residents may shop in the Community Garden for low or no costs based on need and circumstances.

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